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Thursday August 13 2020 
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Basketball Ireland Return to Play Road Map
Jul 26, 2020, 2:49 pm

Intent to register for 2020/21 Season
Jul 25, 2020, 7:06 pm

Hi all

Navan Cougars BC are going to try launch the new season on 21th September. There will be no AGM, the existing committee will continue as necessary. There is no registration night because of large gatherings so we need all existing and new members to fill in the "Intent to Register" online form and the club can go from there and make decisions this form will be available till 14th August 7pm, the online forms will give the club information on numbers returning and their age group so we can plan how to open the club/teams back up  for the 2020-21 season. More information will be announced after 15th of August. Please read all our COVID 19 documents in the download section on our website, These procedures must be strictly adhered to for the safety of all members of the club.



Statement from the Board of Basketball Ireland
May 21, 2020, 9:24 am


May 13, 2020

The Board of Basketball Ireland is liaising with the Executive and Sport Ireland and will issue a return date to competition as soon as possible, to allow clubs to begin preparations. Basketball is part of phase 5 of the government’s recently published roadmap.

Among measures being taken by Basketball Ireland is a framework for new training plans and competition formats for the sport, should they be required. Basketball Ireland are in continuous conversations with all constituents on matters that may be of concern to them to ensure that we can all work together and get back on the courts as soon as possible.

In a statement the Board of Basketball Ireland said: “First and foremost, the Board of Basketball Ireland would like to thank all of the frontline workers who have been working so tirelessly to help Ireland battle this pandemic. Many of these workers are members of the basketball community, and we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to them for all of their work. 

As we all know, these are very strange times and the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly evolving. The Board would like to reassure all Basketball Ireland members that we are working hard with Sport Ireland on Return to Sport protocols. Last week, the government issued a detailed Roadmap for Reopening, outlining their proposed plan for getting life and sport back to normal. Phase 5 of this roadmap, which currently begins on August 10th, details the return of close physical contact sports, and that spectators can begin to attend live sporting events in accordance. 

The Board is now using these guidelines to plan for a return to basketball, and this plan will comply fully with all government and HSE guidelines. As such, the Board recognises that Basketball Ireland prides itself on being an innovative organisation, and we are already putting a framework in place for new training plans and competition formats, should these need to be activated as the situation continues to change. 

We would like to thank all of our members for complying with the guidelines to date, and we also recognise that it is important for players and officials of all ages to know a date for return to competition, so that clubs can begin to prepare. We will provide this as soon as possible. We look forward to getting everyone back on the court in a safe and secure manner and cannot wait to see you all courtside as soon as possible.”

Basketball Ireland press release
Mar 11, 2020, 10:20 pm

 To all Club members,

Following the notice released by BI on Wednesday 11/03/2020 at 9pm.

All club activities are postponed with immediate effect till further notice.

This includes training, matches, Top 4's Cup finals and AICC's.

We will keep you informed with any information as we receive it.


May 5, 2017, 1:39 pm
To All Players/Parents
With the very competitive and fast pace of matches in our club several incidents
have occurred with players getting knocked in the mouth in training and matches.
Navan Cougars has enforced
for all competitive age groups both for training and matches.

Coach's Corner

How to STOP Over Dribbling During Games
Feb 18, 2018, 12:55 pm

How to STOP Over Dribbling During GameS :- Not much can stagnate your offense more efficiently or lighten the color and thickness of your hair quicker than Over dribbling on offense! You've probably had teams where players acted like the basketball was on fire. As soon as they caught it, the first thing they did was drop it to the floor. Over dribbling has so many negative effects on your team including scoring fewer points and having more turnovers! This bad offense also leads to bad defense as your opponents get more easy scoring opportunities via turnovers and bad shots.Now, how do you fix this? It is through what you teach, what you enforce, and how you practice.

1 - Teach them to dribble with a purpose. :- First, you need to teach your players when they should dribble. Here is what you might tell players to do: Dribble to score, Dribble to prevent a 5 second call, Dribble to create a better passing angle, Dribble to advance the ball up the floor. Otherwise, don't dribble, when you dribble, "Think Lay Up". That's the mentality you should have when dribbling... Attack!

2 - Enforce it in practice. :-  If you want to get rid of bad habits, you have to create good habits. You can do this with constraints and correction. Here are a few examples of drills and scrimmages that utilize constraints.

Dribble Without Purpose = Turnover :-  If you want your players to dribble with a purpose, you better set up situations where they have to adhere to this habit. One easy way to do that is to have this rule during practice. Every time you dribble without a purpose, it is an automatic turnover.                                                                              

No Dribble Drills & Scrimmages :-  Here is another constraint that you can apply. You eliminate dribbling from your drills or scrimmages. This teaches them how to play without dribbling. The players quickly learn that they don't need to dribble nearly as often as they thought. It also teaches them when they truly need to dribble to create a better scoring opportunity. At first, it can be quite ugly as they figure things out. But after awhile, a few minutes or a few practices depending on the group, it can transform into beautiful basketball. Kids are zipping the ball around and you end up with some open shots. At times, I've even noticed that after allowing dribbles again, the offense even worsens. It's up to you if you want to do this, but I also have allowed one dribble after a pass to shoot a lay up.

Limited Dribble Drills & Scrimmages :-  This is similar to above, except that you limit the number of dribbles for a player after each pass. You might use two or three dribbles depending on the age group. This teaches players to use their dribbles only when necessary.                                                                                                                           

3 - Enforce It During Games :-  Ahead of time, you can also tell your players that if they over dribble during games too much, they will spend a few minutes on the bench. This tends to be one of the best teachers if they revert to old habits during games. If you utilize these tips, you'll be amazed at how quickly these bad habits start to disappear.

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